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Take Control of Your Cravings in La Quinta, CA

Boost Cravings With Proven Suppressants

It can sometimes seem impossible to pass up that slice of chocolate cake or pizza. Get the extra boost you need to fight cravings with appetite suppressants from Healthy Self. As you learn to eat better, your out-of-control cravings will diminish. Eventually you'll have a healthy appetite without using appetite suppressants at all!

Keeping You Healthy

Before you begin using appetite suppressants, our physician will complete an in-depth exam to make sure suppressants are right for you.

Big Benefits For Your Body

  • Diminish cravings
  • Change your taste buds
  • Lose weight
  • Learn to eat healthy on your own

Take Control of Your Appetite

If you're ready to take control of your appetite, we can help! You'll also be monitored by our physician to ensure that your medication is working properly. He will adjust the dosage as necessary for optimum results.